Jewelry Safes-Review of the AmVault Jewelry Safe

Jewelry is prone to damage, theft and fire, and jewelry safes are one of the best ways to protect your jewelry from these hazards. Look for a home jewelry safe that offers third party verified burglar and fire protection as well as a well designed, velvet lined interior. Quality safes have been tested by a third party and will carry a label as evidence that the protection you expect is indeed the protection that you are getting with the jewelry safe that you purchase.

Review of the AmVault Jewelry Safe

While home jewelry safes are one of the most important ways to protect your jewelry there are several other tips to consider. Fortunately proper attention to and care of your jewelry can limit if not eliminate the likelihood of damage.

  1. Jewelry should be removed before playing sports, swimming, gardening or doing difficult chores around the house. Put it in a safe place, your jewelry safe.
  2. Jewelry should never be left on an open surface such as a counter, near a sink or in a public area. Jewelry should never be put in your pocket, it isn't a safe place. Instead take the time to put it in a safe place, your jewelry safe.
  3. Remove gloves carefully so that your jewelry isn't snagged and doesn't fall off and become lost.
  4. Take a careful look at your jewelry regularly to see if there are any missing or loose stones, particularly right after your jewelry is bumped or caught on something.
  5. Take your jewelry to a professional for regular inspections, especially the items you wear often. He or she can recognize and fix small problems before something is lost.
  6. Evaluate insuring your items of greatest value. The cost to insure may be reduced if you have and use a quality jewelry safe.
  7. Home security systems are a good protection as well. A sign on your lawn or window may cause a thief to go next door instead and if they do enter your home they will know their time is limited.
  8. And of course, be sure you have and use a quality burglar and fire resistant jewelry safe!
There are stories in the news every day of innocent folks whose jewelry has been lost or stolen. A friend of mine lost her diamond 2 1/2 years ago and just recently her daughter found it in a dirt clod in their backyard. I had two of my heirloom rings stolen when our home was burglarized; they were never to be recovered. The moral of the stories is take precautions with your jewelry before you become the victim.

Jewelry Safes


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